Our Process

From First Contact To The Completed Project, Here Is What You Can Expect From Us And Our Process

1. Initial Meeting & Evaluation

– Payment Not Required

After contacting Whitby Shores for the first time, we listen to your wish list and evaluate your project and the overall scope of work.

Fit is important to us. Each project is carefully assessed, and we advise if our company can take on your project. Factors such as scope, budget and location will help determine the best fit.

2. Site Meeting & Visit

– Payment Not Required

A first meeting is scheduled to meet on-site to discuss your vision, goals and budget. If a design is required, we will set a range in fees amounting to a typical amount of 2-5% of overall project cost.

3. Design Phase

– Payment May Be Required

If a design is required, a design contract will be signed. The design phase commences:

During this phase we gather information such as a site survey, conduct property research such as zoning, bylaws and hear about your wish list of what will be included in the project.

4. Revisions & Final Scope Of Work

– Payment Not Required

Once revisions are completed, a final scope of work and itemized cost breakdown will be provided for the construction of your project.

Design Packages

We offer various design packages and you will be invited to meet with us at our office to discuss ideas and develop a wish list that coincides with your property. During this phase we will also provide information about price ranges for larger elements requested in the project.

2D Concept Drawings

Our team provides you with a professional and fully detailed 2D landscaping rendering concept drawing, along with all estimated costs in an itemized list to build your project.


2D Landscape Design Rendering

2D Colour Concept Drawings

Our team provides a 2D colour version of the drawing to outline accent colours, lighting, plants and other features to help envision your project. An itemized cost breakdown to build is provided.


2D Colour Landscape Design Rendering

3D Project Renderings

Our team will walk you through an immersive digital 3D rendering, outlining such details as elevation changes, colours, textures and more to create a clear image of what your final project will look like. An itemized cost breakdown to build is provided.


3D Colour Landscape Design Rendering

5. Contract & Deposit

– Payment Required

The design phase is complete and an estimate is provided.

You will now be presented with a construction contract to reserve your spot in our construction schedule.

A 20% deposit is made upon signing, and progress payments are continued throughout construction.

6. Permits & Site Meeting

– Payment Not Required

If permits are required, our team will collaborate with you to gather permits.

We will conduct a site meeting with an on-site foreman and any other trades people required to complete the project.

Our pre-construction meeting is a time to ask questions about the construction process.

7. Project Begins

– Payment Required

Enjoy the process. Whitby Shores will take care of the rest and keep you informed on an as needed basis.

8. Wrap-Up!

– Payment Required

We work hard to keep you informed so that there are no surprises at this phase. Time to celebrate your new space! 

Our designers may be around to help set up your new space and any outstanding items will be addressed. 

Welcome home and enjoy the outdoors!