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If it's time to upgrade your cottage property, we've got the experience, the creativity, the right tools and the best teams in place to turn your dream project into a stunning reality.

We specialize in working with sloped & steep-sloped Properties

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We'll provide you with spectacular, one-of-a-kind cottage landscaping & hardscaping outdoor living solutions that will exceed your expectations.

This is all about you and our completely transparent process all but ensures your project will be a breathtaking success.

Materials, Styles & Options To Suit All Tastes:

Our promise is based on three key principles: BEAUTY, EASE and VALUE by DESIGN

Beauty: You’ll enjoy an outdoor extension of your cottage that reflects your style and your taste so you can enjoy and take pride in your outdoor environment.

Ease: We ensure a great experience for all of our clients by hiring experienced crews who are wired, trained and compensated to be friendly and diligent and ensuring your project is delivered on-time.

Value: By sourcing the right materials and designing for both beauty and efficiency, you experience an environment that optimizes your budget and is delivered within that budget.

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Sloped & Steep-Sloped Hardscaping Companies For Cottage Properties

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most-asked question, and for good reason: it’s expensive and people want to know what they will be paying.

Unfortunately, without knowing what you want, where you are and what will be involved with your particular landscaping / hardscaping project, we really can’t even offer you a ballpark amount.

What we can say, however, is that our cottage hardscaping projects typically start at the $100,000 mark and go up from there.

If you’re looking to make such an investment in your property, please reach out to us and we’ll explain all of your options and the associated costs that go with them.

For the most part, the majority of cost is connected to the materials being used in your project and the equipment needed to transport and manipulate them.

Things like natural stone steps and flagstone products, for example, are expensive to begin with and then we have to get them to your property and be able to set them where we want them.

Working with sloped properties – which is the majority of lakefront cottages – is also a challenge that requires several resources, along with the experience needed for a successful project.

“Landscaping” typically refers to the ‘living’ elements of an outdoor living design implementation, like plants, water features, sod, mulch, etc.

“Hardscaping”, on the other hand, refers to the ‘non-living’ elements of a project that provide  structure, functionality, and visual interest to the space like natural stone steps, walkways, retaining walls, flagstone firepits, etc.

For the most part, we tend to focus more on Hardscaping.

Not really.

We’re used to accessing just about any size or shape of property you can imagine and can work around any particular challenges your property might present.

That’s a fair question and one we take very seriously.

We appreciate your investment and we’ll create a detailed timeframe with which we’ll work to complete your project on time.

We also have the teams, tools, machinery and experience to not only begin on time, but to stay there each day until everything is complete and you have signed-off.

We keep our process as simple as we can and it generally works like this:

  1. You initially reach out, and we contact you to set up a day and time for a telephone conversation where we’ll discuss what you’d like to see happen, the materials needed, start, completion dates and your approximate budget for the project.

  2. If you would like to work with us, we’ll arrange an on-site visit to see your property and further discuss your vision for the project, what’s realistic, any budget changes and more.

    This is also when we will ask you to commit to a professionally rendered 2D design drawing from our licensed landscape architect that will perfectly illustrate your completed project that includes all details, elevations, layouts, materials and more.

  3. The next step includes presenting you with a “Scope of Work” contract detailing everything about the project and having you sign-off on it.

  4. A retainer will be required prior to any work beginning and will be outlined in the contract.

  5. The work begins on our agreed-upon start date and continues to the midway point.

  6. Another deposit is made by you (as outlined int the contract).

  7. The work is completed and we will ask for your approval before considering the project finalized.

    The final payment – as outlined in the contract – will also be due at that time.

You might, depending on the elements involved in the project, but we’ll take care of all of that on your behalf and you won’t have to worry about anything.


We carry all of the required forms of insurance and there is zero liability risk being assumed by you.

We list Muskoka, The Kawarthas, Hastings County and Peterborough County, but we’re willing to travel to most of Southern Ontario’s cottage country areas like Simcoe County, Northumberland County, Haiburton County and others.

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