Your Warranty & Our Commitment To You

  1. A two-year (2) warranty exists on all workmanship performed by Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd provided that proper maintenance procedures are practiced.
  2. Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd is not responsible for damages or discolouring to any natural or manufactured products due to efflorescence, cracking, chipping, staining, discolouring, or changes in shape to wood, concrete asphalt, natural stone, or concrete products and acknowledges colour samples and actual materials being installed may vary in colour due to manufacturing or processing times. If contracted changes are made due to size, material, colour, pattern at the request of the client and requires re-ordering there will be a restocking charge of 30% equal to the material value.
  3. Owner/Client agrees to allow Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd to photograph the site before, during and after the project. Arrangements will be made prior.
  4. Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd is responsible for contacting all local public utility companies to ensure accurate markings of Gas and Hydro. A property survey plan shall be supplied by owner/client to identify property markings. Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd is not responsible for claims caused to private utilities (ie. Irrigation lines) and work in relation to property lines.
  5. Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd is fully insured with liability insurance for property and the public and all employees are covered with WSIB.
  6. Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd will make every attempt to ensure proper drainage from patios, walkways, pool decks, lawns etc. but due to city by laws only minor changes can be made. According to by-laws, downspouts should not be connected to underground drainage pipes and if installed at the client’s request, WSL Ltd is not responsible for damages due to excessive rains, pipes backing up, freezing or backing up.
  7. Warranty work will not be completed until all contract payments are paid in full.
  8. Holding back payments or deviation from payment plan could result in Whitby Shores Landscaping Ltd to halt work until payments are up to date.
  9. It is the owner/client’s responsibility to maintain water schedules for new plants and sod. Unless a warranty was purchased prior to work being started plants will not be warrantied. There is no replacement or warranty on sod.

Where To Direct Questions

If you have any comments or questions about the preceding Warranty, please contact:

Telephone: (905) 706-5495

Website: https://www.whitbyshoreslandscaping.net/contact