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Backyard Entertainment Patio Makeover

Project Type: Backyard Landscaping / Hardscaping

Project Location: Pickering, Durham Region, Ontario

Combining Relaxation With The Ability To Entertain

The idea of a perfect outdoor living environment can mean different things to different people, so it is important to us that we construct an area that is specific to each homeowner’s wants and needs.

As they are big entertainers, this Pickering, Ontario family’s biggest priority was for us to create a space in which they could entertain friends and family with ease.

They also love to relax, so they wanted a hot tub as well as lounge spaces and they requested that their project to have a mid-century modern style with farmhouse touches.

In addition, they also wanted to showcase their greenspace and hot tub while integrating the house, backyard, and visible forest cohesively.

Creating a space for the whole family to enjoy, including the adults, their little one, and their dog, was the ultimate goal for this project.

We also wanted to create an inviting front entrance to give the home a positive first impression.

To achieve this, we installed natural stone clad steps to walk up to their newly updated porch for a perfect view of their refreshed garden.

For their relaxation and enjoyment, we set up a new hot tub, with steps included, to create a comfortable experience for all; While it provides much needed rest, it also adds an entertainment factor to their space.

For further privacy when the hot tub is in use, we installed hideaway screen privacy posts along the side; This wall adds texture and colour to their backyard, which the homeowners were looking for in order to coincide with the forest behind them.

For the space itself, the interlock patio stones were set in a few patterns to give it a more modern and upscale look and feel.

We then installed a fire feature to create ambiance and to set the tone for the entertainment space, which works to produce a more relaxing, calm environment, and allows the family to warm up while outdoors on colder nights.

Finally, an engineered retaining wall was put in to accommodate their raised outdoor dining space and to create different levels, which works to further enhance the modern look of the area.

Whitby Shores Landscaping put much effort and care into this project in order to create the ideal space this family was looking for and the homeowners were provided with all the qualities needed for them to entertain family and friends with ease in their inviting outdoor living space.

Thinking of making a change to your existing outdoor space? Be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to sit down and discuss your ideas!

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Hot Tub

Fire Feature

Retaining Wall

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Hideaway Screen Posts

Natural Stone Clad Steps

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