Stone Steps & Walkways

BEV says, our promise is based on three core principles; Beauty, Ease & Value by Design.

Perfectly Rendered Designs

Our precise 2D and 3D Renderings provide the perfect visual layout.

We're 100% Client Focused

We’ll listen to your vision and create a space that works best for you.

We Take Care Of Everything

From initial permits to the final cleanup, we handle everything.

Custom Stone Steps

All of our clients receive a premium level of professionally planned and installed stone steps, completely customized to your home.

Our ultra-precise, custom 3D Renderings allow you to envision your finished project long before any work commences.

What you see is what you’ll be getting, without complications or letdowns.

Every custom stone step project begins with a consultation to discuss your vision and what you would like to see happen.

We’ll discuss budget, materials, available colours and styles.

We will then have a professional (2D or 3D) rendering presented that will give insight as to what you’re
finished project will look like.

Check out just one of our completed stone step and interlocking driveway designs.

Custom Interlocking Walkways

Complement your stone steps with a customized interlocking walkway!

The colour and style combinations are virtually endless and our customized 3D renderings will help
you visualize what the final product will look like.

Being able to see how your finalized project will look before work commences guarantees the finished product will be exactly to your liking.

Custom Interlocking Stone Walkways Whitby Durham Region