COMPLETE COMMERCIAL Pickering Snow Removal & Plowing SERVICES

Commercial Pickering Snow Removal & Plowing Services That Work For You

Simple Contracts

We create simple and easy-to-read contracts that work for us both.

24 / 7 Support

Day or night, we’re ready to get out there and take care of your property.

We're Always Monitoring

We constantly monitor the weather and act before it becomes a problem.
Industrial Commercial Snow Removal Plowing Companies Pickering Durham Region

Depend On Us For Reliable Commercial Pickering Snow Removal Winter Contracts For Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Snow Shovelling, De-Icing & Salting.

You’ll get reliable, expert 24-hour commercial Pikcering snow removal and snow plowing services for all of Pickering’s commercial and industrial business, retail store and plaza properties with winter maintenance that include plowing, removal, shovelling, de-icing and salting.

Another winter means trips to Pickering’s local waterfront, Nautical Village or the Farmers’ Market give way to indoor activities like taking the kids to the movies or the Pickering Town Center. Maintaining your property wasn’t as hard during the nicer months, but when it comes to hiring commercial Pickering snow removal and snow plowing company services in the Durham Region area, we’ve got great news: you’re covered!


24 Hour Commercial Snow Plowing

We specialize in plowing snow and our fleet of plowing trucks are ready to work, 24/7. We can handle any amount and size of property so it won’t interfere with your business or the safety of everyone involved.

24 Hour Commercial Snow Removal

If snow removal services are what you need, we’ll completely remove snow from your property and get it out of the way, no problem.

Commercial Snow Shovelling

Where needed, we’ll manually shovel the trouble spots to ensure your entire property is free from any remaining snow.

Commercial Property De-Icing

We all know how dangerous patches of ice can be any remaining ice will be treated with de-icing agents (such as salt, sand and brine) before we leave your property, ensuring a safe experience for your staff and customers.

Commercial Snow Salting

We include 35 salting applications per seasonal contract (if needed) and will make sure your property is cleaned and safe for people to walk and drive on.
Commercial Snow Removal Pickering Durham Region

OUR Client PRoperty Types INCLUDE:

Industrial Business & Factory Lots

Hotel & Motel Properties

Office Complexes

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Hospitals & Medical Centres

Fully Licensed & Insured Commercial Pickering Snow Removal & Snow Plowing Services

We OFfer A Lot More Than Just The Standard Winter Snow & Ice Management Services

Get Free Quotes & Easy-To-Read Contracts.

We like to keep things as simple as possible, so get in touch and we’ll come out, review your property and talk to you about what you need from us. We’ll then give you a free quote and a simple, easy-to-read contract if you decide to work with us.

Don't Like Contracts? Pay For Each Snowfall Or The Whole Season.

If you’d rather not sign a seasonal contract, you can opt for individual visits or have us come out during emergency situations. However you choose to use our services, we’ll still deliver quality and help you with whatever you need.

When We Say You'll Get 24/7 Support, We Actually Mean It.

Known for our dependability, we take our contracts seriously and make ourselves available to you and your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We're Always Ready & Just A Phone Call Away.

Our standard seasonal contracts operate from November 15 right through to April 15, but we are proactively prepared to assist you from November 01 to April 30 and will provide you with additional or extended services during those points (upon request).

Is Your Property Low, Medium & High Trigger? We Work With Them All.

With 3cm, 4cm & 5cm triggers in place, you can be assured that your property will receive the attention it needs.

Some Companies Run Out Of Salt. We Never Do.

We’ve never actually run out of salt because we order it throughout the year. This ensures that you’ll get what you need without any compromises. Need an on-site salt bin? No problem! Just request it and we’ll drop it off.
Commercial Snow Removal Pickering Durham Region

“We weren’t happy with the commercial snow removal company we previously dealt with, so we gave Whitby Shores a shot and we’re so glad we did! They took care of everything and were in and out before any of our tenants and staff knew they had even been there. I didn’t have to call them once as they always communicated with me first and were on top of it for the entire season.”

– Leo in Whitby

Commercial Winter Snow Plowing Pickering Durham Region

Commercial Snow & Ice Management. Plus.

Whitby Shores Landscaping is known in Pickering and across Durham Region for its dependable, expert 24-hour snow plowing and removal services. We are able to handle all commercial business locations with a host of services that include snow plowing services, snow stacking, complete snow removal services, shovelling, de-icing treatments and up to 35 salting applications per season.

Our expert and dedicated team are always ready to go with our full working fleet of multiple snow plows and salt trucks and our ultra-accurate weather tracking systems allow us to anticipate snowstorms before they happen, which means we’ll deal with your property before things get messy, not after.

Safety for all is always a concern, which is why we responsibly carry full liability insurance (to minimize risk) and we cover all of our employees with WSIB.

Commercial Winter De-Icing Pickering Durham Region

What Does Winter Maintenance Mean?

Ensuring that your commercial property is safe and accessible during the winter months means you will need to either take care of your parking lots, driveways and walkways yourself or hire a company to take care of it for you.

Hiring us to take care of your Pickering snow removal, plowing and ice management this winter will give you as an owner or property manager instant peace of mind.

Effective maintenance means knowing your customers and business safe while accessing your property no matter what winter throws our way. Avoid the potential for slips, falls and dangerous accidents and let our team of trusted professionals take care of it for you.

Let us minimize your risk while you take care of what you do best.

Commercial Winter Snow Plowing Pickering Durham Region

Maintenance Contracts Or One-Time Visits

How you use our services is really up to you and we’ll be able to help you whenever you need, regardless of whether you’ve signed a contract with us or not.

Have an emergency situation and need us to come out right away?

No problem. Just call us and we’ll be there.

Whatever works for you is fine with us.

Our pricing is always cost-effective and our seasonal contracts will save you even more money.

All you have to do now is simply reach out to us and we’ll walk you through all of our services and help you to decide what you need.

Pickering Commercial Snow Plowing Companies

Why Us For Winter Maintenance Services?

Ensuring that your commercial property, meaning your parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, are safe and free from snow and ice will help to keep everyone safe and able to use your business and services without any negative incidents.

Whitby Shore’s Winter Maintenance services will maintain your property to (or even exceeding) WSIB standards and we carry comprehensive commercial liability insurance to minimize risk.

Well known for our professional and reliable Pickering snow removal and snow plowing services, we’ll make sure your business isn’t interrupted by any nasty winter weather.